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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lady Soverign + Corgi

so i was watching VH1 like i usually do when i brush my teeth and the lady sovereign video for 'love me or hate me' came one and there was a corgi in the video!

l.s. is a rapper from england that got signed to Def Jam (jay-z's label). im not really into rap or the hip-hop scene (tho common is awesome), but ive heard of her since shes been getting a lot of buzz in the music press.

either way, her rapping style kinda makes me think of eminem with a cockney twang (tho if she actually speaks cockney is totally unbeknownst to me). dont really like the song. but i saw the corgi and since its music and corgi related why not post.

the corgi appears in around 1:05 of the video where she has a hamster and it dies and the ghost goes and scares this girly girl's corgi :D

i want a corgi man!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

back 2 music: John Legend - Once Again

so, since i figure this is a music blog, im apparently getting some heat for not actually talking about anything related to music. i guess i haven't really heard anything that was like 'bam' thats amazing. but ill talk about the last thing i decided to listen to.

and that is John Legend's new album, Once Again. I wasn't going to listen to this but my sister (who is in love with him) mentioned that she heard it was good.

so i dont know very much about r&b and soul style music, but im pretty sure what i was hearing on 'Once Again' wasn't really that. it felt a bit more retro, a bit more 60s, and some songs were even almost like they could have been an a musical. a very hip musical ;D

so i thought overall that this album sounded not very much like his first breakout album 'Get Lifted'. But either way i still liked it. the songs were more about love/relationships less about cheating (which is mostly what i remember in Get Lifted). the song that they're playing on the radio these days is 'Save Room' and 'Heaven'. both pretty decent songs.

i also liked 'Show Me', 'Where Did My Baby Go'. 'Another Again' sounds kinda like Ordinary People to me. but overall i liked the whole record. his piano playing is nice and relaxing as is the somewhat scratchy voice. i also admire the fact that the music is typical r&b which i think is sorta overdone as it is. he shows a bit more creativity for trying something new (which is always a plus).

well without further ado. here's the video to 'Save Room' which i saw originally on VH1 and he said although it looks like his is a player in the video, bc of all the girls, it's actually him that is being treated poorly bc none of the girls have time for him. haha. i thought the way he explained it was pretty funny =) i really like the nyc vibe to the video too. i miss nyc. i want to go back =)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

more welsh corgi goodness

my friend jerry sent me this youtube video of a welsh corgi puppy. and i had to share it with you guys.

it is so cute. look at the stubby legs!! you dont have to watch the whole thing bc its like 2+ min long. but like the beg. is good. around 1:25 is good and 1:57?

AHAHA SOO CUTE! yo quiero.

Friday, October 20, 2006

post numero tres

so i didnt feel like talking about music today. so im gonna blog away about my favourite dogs. bc

1. i want one
2. all i have in bean (chinchilla)
3. i want one

here's the first one: the pembroke welsh corgi.

it has short sutbby legs and a huge head. it originates from wales (hence welsh) and in welsh cor-gi means 'dwarf dog'. ahah just loook at the picture...its so funny and cute :D

i first saw a corgi while i was abroad in england (sussex) and it was named daisy. this little boy would bring it to campus to platy frisbee with it. :)

the next one is this samoyed. they are originally from siberia and have fluffy white fur. they were originally used as reindeer herders haha. i used to have a chow mix named smokey and the samoyed is kina like the whiter version of the my chow :D so cute. the puppy kinda looks sad in this picture tho.

the last one here is a shiba inu. they're from japan and are like little akitas. they look like little foxes. brian's grandparents have a shiba and its so cute :D here is what wikipedia said about shibas, "they have a reputation for aloofness with strangers". aha so true :)

ok im done for today.

i want a dog!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

my second post

so in attempts to not be a one-post-wonder, here i am trying for the #2.

since im having trouble what to write about. i thought why not roll with this show thing. so here goes.... i went to another show this summer back in July with my old roomie laurene. it was for my birthday is it was relatively special. i saw jose gonzalez @ Bimbo's 365 club in san francisco. like sufy it was pretty awesome. i had just discovered jose in the beginning of the year with the release of his album Veneer in '05. the album is really mello and i think rather heartfelt. everything is basically jose, chair, guitar. simple but sweet. he's also an interesting guy being from sweden but with argentinian parents.

at the concert he played most all his songs off of veneer including:
Slow Moves, Remain, Lovestain, Heartbeats, Crosses, Stay in the Shade, & more.

everything live sounded just like the cd (but of course better). since he is classically trained in guitar the skill and technique was quality. when i had first listened to the cd (which of course you should do as soon as you're done reading this), i thought that he had played seperate times and then layered it together to sound all the more complex. but in reality, as with the concert he was sans layer. he played everything all at the same time. it was darn impressive (let me tell ya).

jose was also really shy in that modest yet maybe he knows hes a genius way (and probably slightly socially awkward?). he barely talked to the audience except for the quiet mumbles of 'thanks so much for coming', 'i really appreciate the support'. even for the encore he shuffled back on stage, lifted his hand slowly for the required 'thanks wave', sat down on his wooden chair, and played his closing song. after that he got up, murmered 'thanks again' and walked ((ran)) away. =) his personality seems to match his music, quiet, unassuming, w/a dash of ingenuity.

all in all, please go listen to Veneer (if you haven't already), his voice + his music floats man. definitely floaty.

in the meantime, if you haven't already seen the Sony Bravia video in which jose's song heartbeats plays in the background. the commerical is pretty old, but still pretty awesome. they dropped 250,000 bouncy balls down the streets of SF.